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Wee Patch Restore LogoSpray on Green Wee Patch Restore dye instantly masks and improves the appearance of the damaged grass. Surfactants speed up the dilution and dispersion of excess ammonia from dog urine, allowing it to wash through the soil profile. Natural seaweeds promote better soil microbe activity which speeds grass recovery and health

Dead grass patches quickly become hydrophobic and repel water. Surfactants reduce the incidence of such water repellant soil which helps to break down and wash out the excess ammonia.

High concentrations of ammonia, naturally found in dog urine, burn grass which results in unsightly dead patches. Wee-Patch Restore solves this problem. Once sprayed, the green colourant gives an instant visual improvement to the lawn. Secondly, dilution agents help to wash away the toxic ammonia build-up. Finally, natural seaweed in Wee Patch Restore is used as a growth stimulant to enhance root growth and promote conditions for speedy grass rejuvenation.

Once a wee-patch becomes visible, spray the affected area and allow to dry. One use is usually sufficient, but subsequent applications can be made to maintain colour-match with the undamaged lawn. Drying time is between 1 and 4 hours, dependant on the weather.

Suitable for outdoor use. Ensure fully dry before recommencing lawn traffic. If spray gets onto hands, wash with warm water and soap. To avoid green staining, keep spray away from clothing.