About Wee Patch Restore

Love Your Dog & Your Lawn!

A three-in-one spray to mask and repair doggy urine burn on lawns.

  • Spray on green dye instantly masks and improves the appearance of the damaged grass
  • Surfactants speed up the dilution and dispersion of excess ammonia from dog urine, allowing it to wash through the soil profile
  • Natural seaweeds promote better soil microbe activity which speeds grass recovery and health

Wee Patch Restore Refill

Dog urine contains high concentrations of ammonia which burns grass. Wee-Patch Restore solves this problem by using a three way spot spray that incoporates a colourant to cover up unsightly dead patches for immediate visual improvement.

Dead grass patches quickly become hydrophobic and repel water. Surfactants reduce the incidence of such water repellant soil which helps to break down and wash out the excess ammonia.

Natural seaweed extract stimulates the microbes that exist in soil – this helps to break down excess ammonia quickly and improve the conditions for grass to re-grow.

  • Dry in less than 1 hour (weather dependant)
  • Non-toxic, safe for pets and children
  • No dietary interference for your dog

Pack size 500ml, sufficient for up to 50 treatments.

FREE DELIVERY (UK mainland) Deliveries will be with Royal Mail or Hermes. They take between 2 to 5 working days to arrive